Electronic cigarette

Smoking is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world, and it is an addiction which many people can’t overcome. Imagine having an alternative to smoking cigarettes; a device which would provide the same feeling you get while smoking but only has a fraction of harmful chemicals that cigarettes do. Well that device is the electronic cigarette. These are often known as e-cigars and are battery operated devices which emits nicotine vapors. The electronic cigarettes provide the same sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke, but you will not actually be inhaling the smoke.

Public health officials and anti-tobacco activists in e-cigars:

E-cigarettes are one of the most promising and smoking cessation products that are invested, and most of us might think that public health officials and anti-tobacco activists are in favor of e-cigars, but these people are actually all fully against it. These people make no substantial distinctions between a normal tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette devices.

Difference between Electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes:

One of the significant differences is that e-cigars do not contain any tobacco; the device instead has a liquid which contains nicotine which is emitted in the form of vapor. One thing you need to keep in mind is that vapors are being emitted from the device and not smoke; this is a significant point to notice as the harm that is caused from tobacco is not due to the nicotine but due to the combustion process of tobacco. During the combustion process, many toxic compounds are being released, and one among them is tar. E-cigars do not have tobacco or combustion, and thus these devices do not release any tar.


According to Britain’s department of health has said that e-cigars are 95% less harmful than normal tobacco cigars. We cannot deny that these devices do not contain nicotine which is the addictive drug which makes you want to smoke more. But there is very little proof that nicotine alone is bad for your health. You can compare it to caffeine which is a drug which is used by millions of people all over the world. Addictive substances are not the ones that cause harm to the body, but it is the method in which it is delivered.

Tar: The substance that kills

People usually smoke for the nicotine. If you ask the people why they smoke, a majority of them would say that they by smoking they get a refreshed feeling; this refreshed feeling is given to them by the nicotine content, but the thing that kills them is the tar which is emitted due to the combustion of tobacco. As tar is the substance behind the serious health conditions, we can say that e-cigarettes are comparatively much safer.

We cannot say that e-cigarettes are entirely safe as more research has to be done on these devices but when compared to tobacco cigars, the potential risks that the e-cigars provide are comparatively less when compared to tobacco.